Building an Amazon Affiliate store is quite a detailed process. So, to help you out with this, we have prepared a detailed guide on building an Amazon Affiliate Store with WordPress. Go through the below-mentioned information carefully, and you will get to know it all.


A niche is a specialized and smaller subset of something. The value of a niche should be understood by an e-commerce business owner and marketer for the better growth of a business. It can be a category of books or albums, any kind of product, or a buyer’s group.


2. Get a Web Hosting Account

Basically, web hosting accounts provide access to servers, which helps to store information and files required to develop any application or website. The content is accessible by the users from the servers through the internet.

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Why Siteground webhosting?

  • Multiple site hosting

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  • Dynamic caching

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  • Staging tool made easier

Test a copy of your site for changes before getting them live.

  • Add Collaborators

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  • A great number of resources

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  • Easy GIT incorporation

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  • Well managed WordPress
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  • Renewable resources match
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  • Providing backup copies on demand
  • Speed-boosting Caching
  • Staging
  • Collaborators can be added


Get Yorself a Domain Name

The domain name registrar should be affordable but reliable like GoDaddy or Internetbs, as no one wishes to shell out cash unwantedly. The domain name is chosen after you’ve chosen your provider.

Choosing a domain name is important. The name should be short and easy, which could be memorized easily. Long and difficult names are difficult for customers to memorize and locate even if they’ve added it in bookmarks. The name should be unique and a brand of its own.

The website should be named according to the specificity of the product. For example, the website name of a skincare product should be like,, or Such names relate to the product and are easy to memorize.


Make Sure You Have an SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) are online encryption protocols that ensure the secure exchange of information; the authenticity of the site is assured when SSL provides certificate information to your visitors. It’s also sometimes called TLS (Transport Layer Security protocol).

The SSL icon can be accessed within the address bar of most of the web browsers, and by clicking it, then visitors can get the certification status. The SSL certificate can be obtained with the web hosting provider. The presence of an SSL certificate makes your site more secure, which allows you to accept confidential information like personal details, card numbers, etc., process payments, and more.


Install WordPress

WordPress can be installed by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and Extract
  2. By using PHP My Admin, create the Database and a user
  3. Set up wp-config.php
  4. Upload the files in the root directory or in the Subdirectory
  5. Open the install script setup configuration file and let the installation finish, then install script troubleshooting.


Create an account for Amazon Affiliate account

Amazon Assocciates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program. It can be joined free of cost and is easy to use. Website owners and bloggers can create links through which they can earn referral fees every time a customer clicks through the link and buys products from Amazon.


Creating Amazon Account

The following information is required to be entered in the designated areas step by step:

  1. Enter your name
  2. Enter your Email
  3. Enter a password (it should be at least six characters)
  4. Re-enter your password
  5. Click on the submit button
  6. You should agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice in order to create the account.


Install the Necessary Plugins

Plugins allow the users to edit computer programs, web browsers, and apps, also the changing of the content offered by websites. The use of plugins has decreased in favor of using browser extensions due to their use as add-ons to customize programs and apps

Plugins are the add-ons that enhance the content you upload as an online creator.

Being a content consumer, they allow you to surf the internet in different forms, including sounds, images, videos, and animations. Plugins help the websites and webpages to look more attractive and eye-catching. They aid in ranking your blog posts better. They can display YouTube, and other websites videos on your website, and even they help to change the font of your website.


Woo Commerce

It is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It was launched in 2011, and it went famous soon after it was launched, because of its simplicity to install and customize and free base product. It is oriented for small to big-sized online merchants using WordPress.


Woo Commerce Amazon Associates

The main intention of Woo Zone Woo commerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugins to make the life of Amazon Associate participants easier. You can use this plugin with a Woo commerce store you’re already using, or you can start a new one from scratch.


Feaatures by Woo zone Plugin:

Amazon Affiliates Bundle Pack

Following are some features provided by Woo Zone plugin:

  1. It can be used with any WordPress or Woo commerce theme.
  2. You can simultaneously get simple Woo commerce products and Amazon products from the store.
  3. Affiliate commission can be received from any Amazon locale in Canada, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Italy, France.
  4. Regular Amazon Affiliate cookie is for 24 hours. We provide 90 days cookie feature, which helps cookie last for 90 days.
  5. Your customers can add multiple Amazon products into carts and checkout through On-Site Cart Feature.
  6. You can select a regular price, offer price, and sell price on products with your choice.
  7. Products can be imported as published or drafts.
  8. Product variations can be added.
  9. Several images can be imported for each product.
  10. Special offers, discounts, or coupons can be added to products willingly.
  11. Images can either be imported or get asynchronously.
  12. Content can also be automatically spun using a content spinner. You can have the content spun upon import, of you can spin it manually afterward.
  13. Hundreds of ASINs can be grabbed from Amazon using ASIN Grabber Module. Then import them via CSV Bulk Import.
  14. Short codes help to add products on any post, page, or custom taxonomy.
  15. Products stats so you can check conversions every time.
  16. Add a random number or product title to image names, which is good for search engine optimization.
  17. It can be displayed across selling products if you wish.
  18. Images gallery can be posted in the product description if you want.
  19. Amazon reviews can be shown for a particular product on your site.
  20. Products can be searched using the Bulk Import module and Advanced Search.
  21. Products can be kept updated using the Synchronization Module. Titles, prices, URLs, descriptions, reviews, and SKUs can be updated easily.

The free light version of Woo Zone can be downloaded free of cost on the WordPress repository.

Note: You should purchase the complete bundle of Woo Zone Amazon Affiliate rather than just a plugin. This bundle includes Kingdom WordPress theme supported by Woo Zone plugin, Woo Zone contextual plugin for in-text Amazon advertising ads, Woo Zone plugin, and discount finder plugin. You can buy this bundle at an exciting price of $70.


Install Woo Commerce

Install Woo Commerce:

  1. Go to Plugins and click on ‘Add New’.
  2. Search ‘Woo Commerce’.
  3. Click ‘Install Now’.
  4. Finally, click the Activate Now button, and you’ll enter the Woo Commerce Wizard.

Woo Commerce Setup Wizard

After activating the Woo Commerce, the first screen you are going to see after clicking ‘Activate’ will be Woo Commerce Setup Wizard. This will aid in configuration and setting up your site with Woo Commerce functionality.

Installing Woo Commerce Amazon Associates

Step 1: Adding New Plugin

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Add New’ button to add a new plugin to your WordPress system.

Step 2: Installing and Activating the Woo Commerce Plugin

  1. In the search area, search for the ‘Woo Commerce’ plugin
  2. Then install and activate the Woo Commerce plugin.
    1. Your shop is ready. Now start promoting your affiliated products from Amazon through your online store.

    Fill your store with products

    Following are the steps to add products to your store:

    Step 1: Finding Products on Amason

    1. Sign in to your Amazon Associate Dashboard.
    2. Search for the product you want to promote and then click on the ‘Go’ button.

    Step 2: Choosing a Product

    If you’ve searched for a typical product like ‘shirts’ you will get many results. Choose the required product and click the ‘Get Link’ button to get its link.

    Step 3: Getting Product Link

    Now, you have to select a relevant product link. It is specifically useful for those who are advertising products like banners. We need more details as we are adding the product to our store. To go to the official product page on Amazon, you need to click on the text and image link.

    Step 4: Adding Product to Woo Commerce

    Go to the drop-down menu ‘New’ and click on ‘Product’ to add a new product.

    Then enter the following thing step by step, as required:

    1. Name of product
    2. Product description
    3. Choose a suitable product category.

    Afterward, enter some more details below that.

    1. Choose the ‘External/Affiliate product’ from product data as the product we are promoting is an affiliate product.
    2. Enter product URL, price, and other details.
    3. The product description can be added as the same from step 3
    4. The featured image should be clear and attractive. It is like the cover page of a magazine. Saving the picture of the product from the affiliate account is suggested.
    5. The customer can easily understand the product with the help of a product gallery, which contains the images of the product from different angles.

    In the end, use appropriate tags to describe the product. It is similar to what you give while writing a blog post on WordPress.

    Step 5: Publishing the Product

    Finally, you have to add the product to your store by publishing it with the ways written above. You can watch your product, and you can add more products in the same way.


    Get Traffic for your Amazon affiliate Site

    You can get the audience to your store by different methods discussed below

    Social media

    You can provide your links on different famous social media platforms to get traffic to your website. You can share your website advertisement on a Facebook page or an Instagram story from where people will visit your website. You have to provide a link to your product on the post so that it becomes easy for the customer to visit.

    Pay traffic

    You can also get paid shout-outs for your product from different websites and social media pages. All you have to do is to contact a page or a website that has high traffic and ask them for a paid shout-out.


    You should use SEO optimized keywords in your product description, which will help in getting the product rank higher in the search. This will bring organic traffic to your website. The product description with SEO optimized keywords will be rank better than the product description with no keywords.



    This step by step guide tells you about the process of building an Amazon affiliate store with WordPress. What you have to do is to follow these steps carefully to successfully make your Amazon affiliate store.