The team Siteground consists of very hardworking and extraordinary employees that makes them different from the other firms and doing amazing work for your website since 2004.

They take their customer’s websites to care with their enthusiasm and commitment. Siteground is famous for what service they provide with courage. Their team did challenges that seem impossible and win with the customer’s trust every day. Their goals and hard work are what make them different from their opponents.

When the team has amazing people to work with, then the results are always high. The team at Siteground consists of brilliant mixtures of masters that Encourages the level of expertise and assure you high quality of service. You can see their website and blog to see what we deliver.

Review of Siteground

You can have many options to choose a hosting web service. Take an example that there are details that attract a normal customer base (like price and storage capacity) and the features that concentrate on the business side(like e-commerce and server location).

We look at all of these demands and go well on the line. We also have many numbers of hosting types and lots of creative tools with excellent customer care services at a very good price. Although Siteground doesn’t have VPS, dedicated, and Windows servers, we are a good option for businesses and individuals.

Shared Web Hosting

You need to check out shared web hosting if you are looking for affordable web hosting. The reason why it costs very less is that a lot of websites link together on one single server. The numerous websites split the server’s computing control. This means that your website’s presentation could be impacted negatively if one more bunk-mate has an enormous traffic rush.

SiteGround is just like any other web host that makes sure you decide which information center you wish to host your website: Europe (Amsterdam, Milan, Germany), United States (Chicago) Asia-Pacific (Singapore), Australia (Sydney) and United Kingdom (London),

If you are really concerned about the privacy of your data or laws related to retention, you can prefer a European data center if you wish to. If a lot of your audience is residing in Asia, then you can decide to make use of any data center that is situated in Asia-Pacific. Or you can do one more thing, just evade to any US-based server.

WordPress Web Hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting Rewiev

SiteGround also gives service to WordPress hosting. In addition, it also oversees any of your installation with complete optimized and fully managed WordPress hosting. It is a service that gives your website improved security, page caching, automatic content management system updates, and automated daily backups.

It gives only single-click installation and a free of cost account transfer. It does not offer a free of cost personal domain name, but it does offer a lot of helpful discounts when registering. You can also sign up for one, two, or even three-year contracts. The startup for Siteground’s WordPress is of ($9.95 per month), which offers 10GB of storage, a plain 10,000 monthly users, and the capability to host a single WordPress website.

GrowBig ($14.95 per month) generates the storage upto 20GB and per month users upto 25,000, at the same time as giving you the permission to host limitless and infinite WordPress websites. The topmost level plan, GoGeek (costs about $29.95 per month), creates upon GrowBig with its 30GB of storage space and 100,000 users every month.

Every single strategy approach with limitless email and monthly data transfers. SiteGround also offers plentiful free of cost WordPress themes. SiteGround also consists of loads of functional in-house apparatus for the creation of your very own personal WordPress website: WP Migrator, SG Optimizer, and SuperCacher.

Furthermore, A2, the Linux-based PCMag Editors’ Choice for WordPress hosting, does not have any visitor caps. Each one of its plans, start with the $7.99 per month Lite plan, and it comprises of boundless storage space and monthly data transfers.

The top-tier Managed plan ($75.48 per month) adds up site production so you can test with any such website alterations before they are set live, limitless websites, and indefinite databases.

With that being out of the way when you’re signed into SiteGround’s WordPress system, you can easily produce pages, posts, and galleries as you can with any other kind of self-hosted WordPress website. If you wish to set up a WordPress site that is completely non managed, you can make that possible as well. You can click on the WordPress icon in the superior control panel to reach to the WordPress page in Softaculous, which is known to be SiteGround’s third-party application library.

It will generate a wizard that will give you a complete walkthrough of the whole entire installation. SiteGround also lets you facilitate the Clef plug-in, which will give you the capability to sign in to WordPress with your mobile phone by using a username and password as an alternative. it contains a lot of advanced features

Reseller Web Hosting

If you want to get in contact with the web hosting business, but you dont feel like dealing with all the infrastructure matters, you can see SiteGround’s three reseller hosting packages: GrowBig, GoGeek, and Cloud. GrowBig (starting with the cost of $29.99 per month, with multi-month discounts as well) that offers upto 20GB of storage space, boundless websites, limitless databases, site staging, and WP-CLI and SSH as well.

GoGeek (starting at $44.99 per month, with multi-month discounts) produces equipment with 40GB of storage, precedence sustain, and white-label customer support. Cloud (that starts at $80 per month, with a lot of discounts per month) has ” over 40GB+” storage, and the capability to adapt sites’ possessions and modify clients’ right of entry.


  1. The StartUp plan

The StartUp plan (starts at $19.99 per month, with multi-month discounts) that includes a single website, 10GB of storage, network traffic suitable for approximately 10,000 users every month, a one-year free of cost Secure Socket Layer (SSL) credential, day by day data backups, boundless email, and support for Cloudflare and run WordPress.

  1. The GrowBig plan

The GrowBig plan (starts at $29.99 per month_ generates with the basic plan. It has the whole thing incorporated in that stage, adding support for unrestricted websites and using unlimited databases, 20GB of storage, site staging, and network traffic that is appropriate for just about 25,000 visits monthly.

  1. The GoGeek plan

The GoGeek plan (is pretty expensive and starts at $44.95 for each month, including multi-month discounts) plan is planned for bigger sites. It takes GrowBig to the very next level by comprising 40GB of storage and network traffic that is appropriate” for roughly 100,000 visits every month, with extreme support,

A host your business can grow with

Any host can offer you with a host, but as your industry keeps on growing, you will most likely want more and more. SiteGround gives you the capacity to produce devoid of moving to any fresh hosting corporation. Moving hosts is all the time prolonged, and there are approximate all the time troubles. So whenever it is likely, it is fine to attach with your present host.

It gives you many options for hosting that you will find moving hosts unnecessary. You can always start with the dirt-cheap startup plan such as the Super Power Cloud Hosting plan or a lot of other devoted servers to make your personal cloud with OpenStack. They also give Enterprise Hosting services, where they will construct a server just like you need it.

E-commerce hosting

Even though many businesses have started to want a business card online, but they still often grow at a pace. There is a lot of similarity between selling your content in a store and through a website.

Shipping is the only extra step to online selling. Siteground provides you with their very affordable plans where you will have full access to Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and many more.

You can even carry out drop shipping, where it is possible to sell stuff that is not present in your inventory. The high chances are that your online selling will work better than owning a store. And For all those who are operating WordPress, WooCommerce is accessible to revolve your accessible website into an e-commerce website.

PCI Compliance

Every e-commerce store requires to be PCI compliant. For this purpose, you have to promote to the GoGeek hosting plan. You can get more information from customer service.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Most of the hosts provide a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for all sites that they host. The content shared between the server, and the visitor will be safe and secured. You will find this in the URL, which will be sent data via HTTPS as conflicting to the non-encrypted HTTP.

But if you are willing to sell stuff online that you need an SSL that is related to your site, your site must have its personal IP address too.  And if you are not selling any products, then there is no need for an SSL certificate except the one that Siteground will provide you.

Quality customer service

The ultimate best and excellent service about Siteground is their customer support service. They have each and every infrastructure that is needed. The team of Siteground includes perfect business experts that are always ready to help you.

They are always present to help you with your website queries. They dont just answer your query and move along but also act as they are your partners. They also install your software and change any variations that you feel like making on your website.

Good Service is Built-In

It is all already built in the set up of Siteground. If you can not access any site, then you will be given a getting started wizard. It will ask you some questions and generate a website for you.

This way, the support team will ask you about your website and if you are satisfied with it or not. You will have an amazing experience with Siteground as it is one of the best hosting companies with great customer service.


  1. Easy to use

Anyone can follow the Siteground’s backend very easily. It’s so understanding, and you can’t be lost on the pages or subpages. You can customize the visual interface that is administered by their own hosting. For example, you can decide what section to display or whatnot. Our backend looks very stylish and redesigned in 2019.

  1. Domain Name

Anyone can create unlimited subdomains. It’s really easy and possible to add more than one domain name. But you should also know that if you have a startup plan, you only need one website. There is a subdomain present that you can use on Siteground for free, which also comes in handy when making test sites.

  1. Rating of emails.

The site ground offers unlimited free email accounts. Also, you can connect your email service to another service like Gmail or outlook. There is a space limit per account is 2gb startup, 4gb grow big, and 6 GB go week.

  1. Database

Anyone can create many databases up to their choice with the maximum sizes of 500 MB startup plan, 750 MB for Go big, and 1000 MB For GoGeek. The cloud hosting service is unlimited, which is also a good option, and you’ll be using MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  1. Applications

You can use many applications through this interface to install many apps like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Zencart, and more. Just a couple of minutes and you can install it in a very simple way.

  1. Webspace limitations.

The startup plan comes from 10gb of webspace. There is 20gb for Grow big while Go geek has 40 GB of space.

  1. Monthly Data transfer limitation

There is no limitation to data transfer.

  1. Security of FTP and Accounts

There is no limitation for the FTP account connections. You can also connect SSH and SFTP connection easily

  1. Location of server

Four continents have several data centers including Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Singapore

  1. Security and features

There is an isolation service for all accounts. If you have a susceptible IP neighbor, you won’t be affected. There is an option to use encorrupt to add SSL in any Siteground plan. You can also enable 2-factor identification to have extra security.

  1. Server speed.

There is a high-speed SSD High-speed disk. There are a few hosting companies that are faster. You can have grown it or go geek plan to have a caching system for your amazing content too, furthermore, this improves the speed. The loading time is also good, which you can definitely see.

  1. Uptime

There is an amazing availability of foreground servers, which is amazing. You can have your monthly cost if it’s under 99.9 %. While in my experience of more than three years, it never went below than 99.98%.

  1. Backups

You can have a daily backup. In an emergency, you can ask them to restore the last 30. With the package of Grow big or Gogeek plan. You also have more options for the backups options.

  1. CDN

You can always include Cloudflare if you want, which is not directly included in the plan. Also, Cloudflare offers a free plan.

  1. Server features

We use PHP. You can have your hands on 7.4,7.3,7.2,7.1,7.0 and 5.6. To manage the databases, you can use MySQL and PostgreSQL. There is a PHP memory limit of 768 M while choosing a cloud or dedicated hosting for more requirements.

  1. Guaranty and refunds.

There is an option of 99.9 % uptime and the compensation of finances if you don’t. It also offers 30 days of a refund with a guarantee.

  1. Assistance and support.

Anyone can access them fully by live chat, phone, or email. Our experience is positive. Also, they have a ton of supporting material and easy to follow guidelines. Sometimes they have more details.

Pros of Siteground

  1. Excellent uptime

The uptime of the site ground is nearly 100% with the best figures. We will cover them more.

  1. Ultra speed hosting

They use SDK hardware and the software solution example SG optimizer and HTTP/2, which offers the above speed.

  1. Easy to use intuitive

The system and features are perfectly integrated and easy to use.

  1. Best support and assistance

There is an amazing level of customer care for the Siteground. There is a high quality of tutorials and guides available.

  1. Location of server

You can choose your service between America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

  1. Advance features

There are many features available in this platform that other hosting providers don’t have, for example, Staging on catching are git repositories.

  1. Unlimited traffic

Siteground never measures your website traffic.


You can create additional users with access to the different websites you manage on Siteground.

Con of Siteground

Siteground is not the cheapest option available in the market, but in my opinion, it is not much high. Migration of profession if you want to take care of your website by the Siteground support agent, you have to pay $30, but there is a free WordPress migration plugin that you can use.


There is a complete option that you can go with whatever you want. We explained to you the pros and cons in detail. Now you can choose whatever you want. But in my opinion, Siteground can be the best option.