Did you read somewhere that blogging can be a useful method of online earning? Or you just came to know that instead of doing a 9 to 5 job, you can earn a great income by blogging just by sitting at your home, on your sofa, having a cup of tea? And now, you want to have your own blog to express your areas of interest, to tell the world everything you want to share, and to earn? Well… A great idea it is. But, one thing you should have in your mind is that Blogging is not that much easy. Yeah! You heard it right… Keep reading this article it may answer all the questions you have in your mind.

Starting a blog is easy as compared to continuing it. For the startup, you’ll just need a domain and hosting after brainstorming different possible ideas. Once you’ve started it, you must optimize all your content on your blog. As content without SEO optimization isn’t beneficial at all.

The one big challenge everyone faces in blogging is how to get traffic to your blog? How to derive a good number of audiences to give your blog posts a read? If you are also in search of the answers to these questions, you are at the perfect place. In this article, we’ll let you know how you can have good traffic on your blog.

How to get traffic to your blog? 

Most of the new bloggers are worried about not getting good traffic and response on their blog posts. First of all, you should be aware of the Google algorithm. If you produce quality content, Google will surely rank your blog and you’ll get good traffic on it.

Here are some tips for you that’ll help you to get traffic to your blog.

  1. Add Graphics in all of your blog posts

You’d be thinking that blogging is all about written stuff Right? But no, stats show that the blog posts having images and videos embedded in them get 95% more traffic than the blog posts not having any visuals.

So why not adding related and interesting photos and videos to make your articles attractive and amazing? In that way, you’ll be giving your competitors good competition in the same niche.

You can take royalty free graphics from the sites like pexels.com, unsplash.com, and pexabay.com. But you can also design your graphics using canva.com or crello.com. Explore these sites and you’ll enter into an amazing world of graphic design that’s easy to carry on.

Just adding images and videos won’t give you much traffic. You’ll have to optimize all of the graphics added for search engines.

Now you’ll be wondering how to optimize the images Right? No worries, just save your images on your PC and rename them using your keywords. Then add them in the blog post and add Alt text for each.

  1. Do SEO optimization of your content

Content without optimization won’t help your posts to get ranked. So do proper SEO optimization of your blog posts.

First of all, do keyword research before writing any blog post. Find the ranked and trending keywords in your niche having high CPC and monthly search volume against them.

After choosing the keywords, now you’ll have to try hard to rank your blog post against your competition within your niche. Create quality content. Take care of the SEO factor. Use your keywords in the starting and ending paragraph besides using them multiple times within the blog post. Add graphics and optimize them.

  1. Create Quality Content regularly

Good quality content is the first and main factor that’ll help you to get traffic on your blog. Secondly, you should create content on regular basis. The more often you’ll upload content, the more traffic you’ll receive on your blog. Google prioritize and rank the blogs and sites with fresh and regular content.

  1. Incorporate the links used in your blog post

Whenever you mention a site of any brand or company, or blog incorporate the company’s link in your blog post. Google likes to see embedded links in your blog post. Plus, the brand can also notice it and contact back to you. They can also ask you to do paid promotional blog posts for them, it can also be a great way of earning.

  1. Your Content should be easy to read and understand

Google and users both like the content that’s comprehensive and providing all of the information they are looking for. Your content must be readable and in a friendly tone, using easy and understandable words with interesting visuals.

  1. Optimize your website speed

It’s one of the important factors. Your website speed should be optimized so that your pages and blog posts load faster for all your visitors. If your website loading speed is slow, the user will shortly leave. Then how can you expect to have good traffic on your blog?

It’s also one of the important loading factors for search engines. Google and other search engines rank the sites with good loading speed. So make sure your website speed and load time of pages are faster.

  1. Stay Active on your Social Media

Create social pages for your blog, and update them regularly. Post the links of your blog posts on all your social media pages to derive traffic to your site. Also, keep posting the links of your old blog posts and articles on all your handles.

Your niche will decide which one of the social platforms you should focus on. Like if you are running a business blog or website then LinkedIn can be beneficial for you. If you are running a lifestyle or fashion blog, Instagram can be a very good option for you to derive more traffic to your blog. In any case, just stay active on your social media and keep your visitors updated.

  1. Do proper back linking

Back linking is a part of off-page SEO, and a very important factor to rank your blog posts in your niche. It also helps you to improve the domain authority of your site.

Find the high-ranked sites and forums within your niche and post your blog posts link there. But make sure that the sites and forums you are using must be related to the topic of discussion, and must be of the same niche as yours. Don’t post irrelevant backlinks.

Choose the sites with high domain authority, having high regular traffic for your backlinks. Use their comments section to let their visitors know about your blog posts. Back linking will surely help you to get high traffic on your site.

  1. Social Sharing

Besides sharing your blog posts on your

platforms, do proper social sharing of your blog posts in the related social pages and groups. Search for the related pages and groups of your niche on social platforms like Facebook, and embed the links of your blog posts and articles there. The more social sharing you do, the more traffic you will get on your blog.

  1. Look for the Influencers

Now, that’s a very cool method of content promotion. Have you ever seen an influencer, an artist, or any person having huge traffic on his/her social media platform and doing sponsored posts? Yes, they promote the brands, businesses or blogs, and sites on their social media handle in return for a very good amount of money. What they do is just upload a promotional post on their Instagram or Facebook to let their followers have a look at the brand and business. They get paid for each promotional post they do.

How can they help you to get traffic on your blog? Now, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. Just look for the influencers with the same niche as yours, having a good number of followers and contact with them. Hire them for your content promotions, ask them to promote your blog on their social media in return for their standard fee. That’ll surely help you to get good traffic on your blog. But again, make sure your content is of high quality.

  1. Keep Learning Digital Marketing and SEO

As these 2 can get you huge traffic on your blog or site, just keep learning about them. As your site or blog grows, just learn more and more ways to derive traffic to your blog. Digital marketing is a diverse field so keep yourself up to date about it. Instead of hiring someone to take care of the marketing for your blog, learn to tackle everything by yourself. It’ll save you money too. Being a blogger you must be aware of the factors like SEO, digital marketing, back linking, and content promotions, etc.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel for your blog

Many of the bloggers use this method to derive traffic from their YouTube channel to blog and from their blog to YouTube channel. It helps them earn from both. Now wondering how can you carry both of them together or not Right? Or you have a blog already and you are thinking of starting a channel too but don’t know how to start, what to upload and how to manage both of them? Well, you don’t need to get worried anymore.

First of all, start a YouTube channel, and convert your blog posts into engaging videos. Won’t it be just amazing if your written content is perfectly visualized? Surely it’ll be.

In the beginning, you can hire a YouTube video content creator. Ask him/her to convert your blog posts into videos. You can also use a voiceover or can go with the subtitles. Upload these videos on your channel and blog too (if you want). But again, while uploading content on your channel, you must take care of the SEO factor. That means use targeted trending titles, give a description and add optimized tags for each video. You can also add the link to your blog post in each video, and also the link for each video in your blog post.

This trick will surely help you to derive traffic from your channel to blog and vice versa. Whether it’s your blog or a YouTube channel, your content must be of high quality so anyone visiting for the first time becomes your regular visitor.

  1. Run a strong advertising campaign

You can also run paid Google ads on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others to get traffic to your blog. If you don’t have any know-how about the ads campaign, you can also hire a seller who’s a master and skilled in his field. Let him/her be your advertising manager.

Google ads can help you to boost your blog post and increase the engagement of your visitors.

  1. Guest Posting

Search for the sites having your target audience within the same niche as yours, accepting guest posts, and promote your blog via guest posting. It’ll help your content getting good traffic for sure.

Starting a blog is easier, doing its content is easy too but deriving traffic to your blog is tricky. As a blogger, you must have a great knowledge of each aspect including quality of content, SEO factors, content marketing, and advertising, content promotions, social media marketing, and some knowledge of YouTube is a plus.

Mark the words, if you’re good at blogging, if you’re good at your social media knowledge, and if you’re good at handling all of your stuff by yourself then you can surely earn millions of dollars in the future. All you need is a brainstorming mind and a strong determination.

Hope you liked the article. If you really did, keep following us, keep visiting our pages, and be an engaged visitor. In case if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, or if you want us to write about any specific topic you want to know about, you can frankly let us know in the comments section. We’ll surely get back to you.