Do you want to be a blogger? Or do you want to become a good blog writer? You have passion for writing but facing issues in being a professional writer?

No need to get worried anymore! Here’s a perfect guide for you to become a good blog writer. Keep reading, keep learning and keep enjoying!

How to Become a Good Blog writer?

Being a good blog writer really doesn’t mean writing neat, precise and concise. It means writing the content that’ll engage people, that’ll make your audience come back again and again for your latest written content.

But, how can you become a good blog writer? Practice, first of all is obvious but what else? There are a lot of things you’ll have to learn to become a good blog writer.

Here are some practices listed for you to become a great writer

  1. Reading

Yes! A great blog writer is the one who loves reading, reads a lot. If you don’t have any interest in reading, if you don’t read a lot, you won’t be able to find the inspiration for becoming a great blog writer.

Read, Read, and see how other blog writers are doing. How they’re creating engaging content. How they’re making a difference in their audiences’ lives. Reading will help you to stay updated, about the best practices for blog writing.

  1. List Down Your Interests

List down the areas you are interested in. Did you go to a store and found an idea to write about on your way? Just write it down. Write about everything you are interested in.

  1. Be a Good Researcher

You can’t become a good blog writer if you aren’t a good researcher. Don’t just jump to write down an idea. Do your research, yes it will take hours to go through this whole process of researching, and then writing. But, that’s how you can become a good blog writer.

  1. Start Your Own Blog

This is just a great idea for you to become a professional content writer. Give it a start, have your own blog, think of your areas of interest, select a niche you’re most interested in, do your research and write content. Having your own blog, and writing blog posts on the regular basis will help you to improve your blog writing.

  1. Write Daily

Yes! You’ll have to write on the daily basis if you really want to improve your blog writing. Try to write an engaging piece of content daily. I admit, at the start, you’ll be giving some less professional shots but believe me, if you write daily, write again and again, you’ll surely become a great writer soon.

  1. Write Guest Blog Posts

If you don’t want to start your own blog for any reason, you can write guest blog posts to improve your blog writing style. There are a number of guest posting sites accepting blog posts.

And, if you have your own blog too, and want to broaden your blog audience and traffic, you can write guest posts for a guest posting site having the similar niche as you. You can offer to write free content for them in order to back link your own blog. But again, your niche must be similar to the niche of host blog.

  1. Become a Good Proofreader

Besides becoming a good blog writer, you must have to be a good proofreader too. Don’t publish your content in a raw form, without proper formatting and proofreading. Proofreading doesn’t take much time, so try to proofread your blog post properly before publishing it.

How to Become A Freelance Blog Writer?

Do you want to become a freelance writer instead of having your own blog and writing for it? No worries, it’s also a great idea indeed.

Imagine sitting in a café, having a cup of coffee, doing some writing stuff and get paid instantly, isn’t it just great? Surely it is…

Freelancing is one the most successful way of online earning. You just complete several tasks given by your clients or businesses within the given timeframe and get paid instantly. There’s a huge demand of freelance blog writers nowadays. People prefer to hire freelance blog writers instead of hiring a full time worker to write blog posts, stories, scripts, and content for magazines and brochures etc.

You can also become a freelance blog writer and earn a great amount of money just by sitting at your home. Here’s a key for you to help becoming a freelance blog writer.

  1. Develop Your Content Writing Skills

First of all, for becoming a good freelance blog writer, you’ll have to develop good content writing skills. How much money you’ll be earning from freelance content writing will depend all on your content writing skills.

You must know about how to create quality content that’ll keep the targeted audience engaged. The clients want to hire a writer who’ll get them original and quality content that’ll help them to dominate their competitions in the targeted niche.

  1. Improve your SEO knowledge

Being in the freelance content creation field, you must have the knowledge of SEO optimization. If you have a good knowledge of SEO, you’ll surely be paid more for each blog post. As the content only with SEO optimization get ranked higher in search engines. So, you can offer SEO as an extra service with content writing in order to earn more.

  1. Have a Portfolio of Content Writing Samples

If you want to get more freelance writing jobs, more opportunities then build your content writing portfolio. Add the writing samples you’ve done or create a few content writing samples to show your skills and expertise in the area.

You can give your blog as a portfolio sample too if you have one. If you don’t have any blog then write some samples to provide while applying for freelance writing jobs.

  1. Build Your Freelancing Profile and Find Jobs

There are many freelancing platforms you can go for, like,,, and Create your profile by adding your expertise and skills in the profile description or bio section. Add your portfolio samples or your blog. Browse the freelance content writing jobs and apply for the ones you’re interested in.

Some platforms like provide the opportunity to showcase your skills by creating gigs. You can create freelance writing gigs with optimization so the clients needing content writing services can find your gig and directly contact you.

  1. Build Your Freelance Blog Writing Career

You just have to be a professional content writer, try to provide quality services to anyone you work with. Try to leave a great impression and experience with your clients. They’re investing money, so they’ll be demanding quality content in return and that’s your job to satisfy them.

Once you have completed some jobs, have some great ratings and feedbacks on your profile there’s probability to get more and more freelance writing jobs.

So give it a start, provide quality services, be consistent and professional and earn a great amount just by having a laptop and stable internet connection.

Content Writing Career – Part Time or Full Time?

Now you’ll be thinking whether to choose blog writing field as a part time job, or a full time career building? Well… both options are great.

  1. Most of the freelance writers start content writing as a part time job. They work as a freelance blog writer and get paid as $20-$25 per hour, and isn’t it smart?

Although this isn’t going to make you rich, but there are a lot of writers making $500-$1000 per month.

  1. You can also take it as a full time career. You can work as a full time content marketer, or you can start your own marketing site. Once having a vast experience in field, you can setup your site and hire people.

There are people who’ve started their content marketing sites, spent a period of time as a content writer, and then broadened their business by hiring the content writers for their firm.

So, there is no need to get worried or confused. Start your freelance career, gain some experience, improve your skills and expertise and then, if you think you are able to manage content marketing business, give it a try. You’ll surely be succeeded.